City shuts down soup kitchen

City officials did not renew a permit for an open-air soup kitchen in southern Stockholm saying the handouts risk turning the area into a "freakshow," newspaper Metro reports.

Stockholm's traffic office rejected the application on Monday for Soup Kitchen Stockholm, which for the past two years has offered food to the homeless around the Stockholm square of Medborgarplatsen.

Per Landin of the traffic office said the soup kitchen had grown a lot recently, adding tents and music to their operation. He told Metro that the area risked turning into a "freakshow" or a "zoo" since homeless people often suffer from abuse or mental illnesses.

In his decision, Landin wrote that, "In the view of the city it is not desirable to create meeting places for people with these specific problems in places frequented by the general public, especially in central city squares."

Soup Kitchen Stockholm's Elin Jakobsson said she was upset and confused over the ruling.

"It doesn't feel like he has read what this is all about," she told Metro. "If the music had been a problem the times we had it, they should have said that to us."