Majority of Swedes against weapon exporting: new poll

A new survey by IPSOS for the Swedish branch of Amnesty International shows that of those asked, 52 percent of Swedes are against the country's weapon exporting and 33 percent are support it.

"It is clear that overall there is a restrictive view of weapon exporting," IPSOS analyst Nicklas Källebring told Svenska Dagbladet newspaper. Källebring will, together with Amnesty, present the findings during the upcoming Almedalen, a week devoted to politics on the Baltic island of Gotland.

The survey included nearly 1,200 people.

Sweden is one of the countries that exports the most weapons per capita. The question is whether Sweden's continued export of weapons could turn into a point of conflict between the Social Democrats and the Green Party in a possible future ruling government. According to Swedish Television, the Social Democrats believe weapon exporting is necessary, one reason for this is in order to continue military independence and Swedish neutrality. The Green Party wants Sweden to stop exporting weapons to dictators.