Feminism debate heats up

15 min

At Almedalen this year, one of the big questions for the political parties is what feminism means for them. Radio Sweden held a panel discussion asking representatives of various parties this question.

While the main political parties talked about taxes, jobs, and almost anything involving figures during the European election, one party rode the waves of idealism that have been sweeping over Sweden, and got themselves elected to the European Parliament thanks, in the main, for their ideas.

Feminist Initiative, a party set up over a decade ago, finally got wind in its sails and got over the four percent needed to get a seat in Brussels. And their next target is the Swedish parliament in Stockholm.

But do we need a feminist party, and why is feminism seemingly booming in Sweden, while in many other countries it's almost a dirty word. 

The panel includes: Anna-Maria Corazza Bildt (Moderates), Julia Bahner (Feminist Initiative), Linda Nordlund (head of LUF, Young Liberals) and Klara Lidman (Young Greens).