Åkesson: "Islamism is the Nazism of our time"

Islamism should be met with disgust, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson told supporters during his traditional summer speech in Sölvesborg.

A couple of hundred supporters had gathered in Åkesson's home town Sölvesborg on Saturday to hear the leader of the Sweden Democrats deliver his traditional summer speech. Åkesson started off talking about the different conflicts in the Middle East, and gave Israel his support, saying that the right to self-defence is "self-evident", Swedish television SVT reports.

But the main subject of Åkesson speech was islam. "Islamism is the Nazism and communism of our time. It has to be met with disgust and much stronger resistance than has so far been the case," Åkesson told his audience. He said that the Sweden Democrats will work to give the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) extended powers to clamp down on islamists in Sweden.

He went on to criticize what he called "mass immigration" to Sweden, and said that both the labour market and the school system are affected by immigration, but urged members to highlight "immigrants that are good examples" and said party members need to demonstrate that the Sweden Democrats is a "broad and inclusive" party.

While he vowed targeted efforts to reduce violence against women, he emphasized that he is not a feminist. "I'm not a feminist! I'm a Sweden Democrat, socially conservative and a nationalist. But I believe in equality."