Airbag theft a growing problem

Airbags are a growing target for thieves, who want to steal valuable car parts.

Every year, vehicle components totalling in the hundreds of millions of kronor get stolen, but over the last few years, airbags have gotten increasingly popular among robbers.

Niclas Antonsson, who works for Larmtjänst, an organization that attempts to fight insurance-related crime, tells news agency TT that the airbags are stolen in Sweden and then shipped primarily to Poland and the Baltics.

According to him, a new airbag costs between SEK 10,000 and 20,000, depending on the auto brand, and that the relatively high price is why they make for desirable plunder. However, this is little compared to how much it can cost to repair a car after someone has broken in to steal the airbag. Antonsson the damages can wind up around 100,000 kronor.

Antonsson says it's a "huge problem" and that organized criminals are even targeting car repair shops for airbags.