Sweden Democrats could be kingmakers in many local councils

The Sweden Democrats could hold the balance of power in about half of the local councils in Sweden, Swedish Radio News reports.

The party's success in the national election, where they got 13 per cent, is mirrored in local elections around the country. 

In six out of ten councils, the traditional political blocs won't reach a majority, while the Sweden Democrats have at least the potential to hold the balance of power, according to political scientist David Karlsson, at Gothenburg University.

It remains to be seen whether the party has enough councillors to fill all the seats. In Filipstad in Värmland, 17 percent voted for the Sweden Democrats in the local election. This means six seats in the local council. But the party only had two people on its election slate, and is now working on finding another four to fill their seats in the local parliament.

Another new local development is there will be Sweden Democrat councillors in northern Sweden.