Analyst: Greens likely to win restrictions on arms exports

4:26 min

Defence was a hot topic before the election, and analyst Annika N Christiensen says to Radio Sweden war in Eastern Europe will keep it on the agenda, although the Green Party will win few concessions, even if they manage to form a red-green government.

Before the election parties competed to take the issue of defence. Moderate, Liberal and Christian Democrat politicians called for boosts to defence, in view of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

But now their Alliance has lost the election and the Social Democrat party is looking for a partnership with the Greens.

So how will the traditionally pacifist Greens handle defence policy? And what will the parties have to compromise on?

Former Green MP Annika N Christiensen is now a defence analyst. 

She says defence is one of the few issues that all parties have already agreed to cooperate on, and they have already set the scene with a joint report from the defence commission.

She says that based on current policy Sweden's defence is unlikely to win the major funding it needs, no matter what party is in government.

Reporter: Kris Boswell.