James Bond in Stockholm

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Sweden's biggest ever James Bond film festival is taking place this weekend with former Bond girls Kristina Wayborn and Mary Stävin among the former cast and crew attending. 

Seven Bond classics are being shown at Filmhuset in Stockholm, some for the first time in a Swedish cinema in 4k DCP format. The festival, which includes a gala dinner on Saturday to raise money for the charity Unicef, has been arranged by Anders Frejdh, whose Bond fansite, From Sweden with Love, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

Speaking at his flat, which is covered with Bond memorabilia, the financial consult tells Radio Sweden that the festival will offer something new to Bond fans.

"I'm aware that most people have seen the films but the copies we have, that will be screened,are brand new digital DCP 4k copiee from England, and it is the first time that they have been screened in England, four of them have never been seen anywhere in this format."

Among the five Bond girls attending are Kristina Wayborn and Mary Stävin. Kristin Wayborn reminisced to Radio Sweden about her famous bedroom scene with Roger Moore when she played Magda in Octopussy.

"Well it took about four takes because we were laughing so much but that bedroom was so cold. It was supposed to be in India but we were on the 007 stage and we wore ski pants under the sheets which stakes the illusion away I suppose and I hadn't signed up for nudity so I wasn't going to give them anything."

She also explains how she broke several toes while filming in India.

"I didn't let on too much because I thought I better suck this up because I'm a cowgirl I can do this, but they forget to change the weapon to a plastic one which I was supposed to kick-out of his hands but it was a real metal bazooka!"

John Glen, now 82, who directed all the Bond films made in the eighties, is also in Stockholm this weekend. He explained to Radio Sweden what made the Bond films last so well.

"I suppose the truth is that most men have a bit of James Bond in them. He had a wonderful sense of humour, he was cynical at times and of course he was born at a time when women were seen just as decorations, but that was in the nature of the beast. He is an enduring character, it's fantasy, we just thrilled people and made them laugh."

Special, visual, model fx legend John Richardson has worked on nine of the Bond movies.

"We used to get all the effects done in camera, we shot them at the time and you could see the dailies the next day. You also had the pressure that it had to work first time, you couldn't change it with CGI. I think that CGI is a wonderful tool but for me it has taken the reality out of movies which we achieved in all those Bond films," said the award winning fx man, who won an Oscar for his work on Aliens.

On Saturday evening, after the showing of Octopussy and A View to a Kill, a gala dinner will be held to raise money for Unicef. On Sunday, Moonraker and A licence to Kill will be shown.

Dave Russell