Group trying to get young women to travel to Iraq and Syria

An unknown group is trying to persuade young women from the Stockholm area to travel and join ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Swedish Television News reports.

The group is active in the northern suburbs of the Swedish capital, and local community groups are now calling on the city council to do more to help them stop the women going.

Ibrahim Bouraleh, head of the Islamic Association in Järva tells SVT of one specific case: "After her parents contacted us in desperation, one of our imams discussed her theological arguments and queries. Luckily she then decided to stay here", he adds.

The group allegedly was allowed to rent places to meet in the area, until locals realised what they were up to.

"We bring these issues up in our Friday prayers, we have support groups, and we try to inform parents about the risks, but it isn't enough", Bouraleh says.

He is now calling on the local authorities to do more to help. Meetings have been held with representatives from the local council, but Bouraleh says that not enough is being done. The Islamic Association wants full-time youth co-ordinators to be employed in the area, now, but local politicians have not yet made up their mind.

"It's a possibility we can look into, and I'm sure it will come up in our working groups", local politician Susanne Tengberg told Swedish Television, "we haven't had a follow-up meeting since the first one. We'll now invite people in to a new meeting", she says.