Volvo Cars hires 1,300 workers

4:47 min

Carmaker Volvo is to hire 1,300 new workers in order to cover a new shift at a factory in Gothenburg.

Radio P4 Stockholm has learn that Volvo is selling so many cars that it will start a third shift in the Torslunda factory, in the first quarter of 2015.

Nine out of ten of the new hires will be on permanent contracts. The others will be employed via temp agencies.

This will bring the total number of staff at the factory to 4,600 – a leap of 40 per cent.

Most of the new employees will be car makers and fitters, with some maintence staff and 50 office workers.

This is a rebound from 2008, when Volvo laid off 2,500 workers and scrapped its night shift.

During the first nine months of 2014 Volvo sales rose by over 9 per cent, and it is expected to break records by selling a predicted 470,000. The company is in acute need of more skilled workers.

“We’ll start right away, because it takes a while to find 1,300. We’re starting now and will be done by April, we need the new capacity,” says Volvo CEO to Swedish Radio P4 Gothenburg.