One of Sweden's best-loved actresses dies

One of Sweden's most beloved actresses, Kim Anderzon, has died.

She made her stage debut as part of the Pistol Theatre ensemble in Stockholm in the sixties, before starring in hit films such as Göta Kanal, The Charter Trip and Second Dance, for which she won the Swedish Film Industry's Guldbagge prize for Best Actress in 1983.

Anderzon was told by doctors at Easter that she had cancer, but despite that continued to work up until last Friday, when she took the stage in the play "The Bald Primadonna" for the last time.

"Because I'm sick it is my carrot", she told newspaper Aftonbladet, "my bit of joy in life. It's important to have that so everything doesn't just revolve around the illness."

Theatre critic Ingegärd Waaranperä told news agency TT Anderzon was Sweden's biggest feminist star, adding that while she became famous to a wider public through her film work, that did not conflict with her theatre work.

"She was her personality, which she spread in both films and theatres, big and small."

Kim Anderzon was 71 years old.