Stockholm's film festival enters 25th year

5:11 min

Stockholm has rolled out the red carpet for its 25th annual International Film Festival happening this week.

The festival, which is screening 201 films from more than 60 countries, will hand out awards both to newcomers and a famous veteran of the film industry.

Unlike like it's cousin in Gothenburg, which focuses on films from Scandianvia, the Stockholm International Film Festival strives to attract more worldwide glitz and glitter with an international jury. 

And this year, the festival's Lifetime Achievement award goes to American actor Uma Thurman. The festival's director Git Scheynius explains why Thurman is no stranger to the capital's festival.

"She connected to our history," Scheynius says since Thurman has worked many times with American director Quentin Tarantino, who was first honored by the festival in 1992 for his gritty crime caper "Reservoir Dogs".

Celebrating it's 25th anniversary, the event features its largest line-up to date. Hope is the theme of this year's festival and Scheynius says she's most looking forward to how the audience will react to the movies.

"It's an excellent program but also one where you can jump in and pick a film for a country, theme or genre that you like," she tells Radio Sweden. "So, for me, the big show is seeing how the audience is going to receive it."

The festival runs from Nov. 5 to the 12 in theaters throughout the city.