The King according to his friends

12 min

A new book about Elvis Presley reveals previously unknown details about the life and interests of the King of Rock’n’roll, including his fascination for Nazi memorabilia.

Elvis Presley is one of the biggest cultural icons of our time and there are probably thousands of books out there about his life, music and movies. But are there still things we don’t know about The King of Rock’n’roll?

One Swedish Elvis fan and expert thinks so. Bruno Tillander gathered some of Elvis’ friends and together they wrote a book, which, Tillander promises, reveals lots of new, previously unknown facts about the King.

Tillander told Radio Sweden about Elvis’ interest in both Judaism and Nazism, and why he felt the world did not know who he truly was, as a person. Tillander claims Elvis had a collection of Nazi items but that Graceland Enterprises wants to keep that a secret because they fear it will scare off tourists from Elvis' kitschy home in Memphis. Today, Graceland is a wildly popular tourist destination.

One the phone from Memphis, Tennessee, Tom Morgan Jr –  the former sheriff deputy who handled Elvis' security and oversaw his funeral – told Radio Sweden about the chaotic circumstances around Elvis’ death. He also shared details about his own collection of objects that used to belong to Elvis and he gave his views on rumours that Elvis is still alive.