Sweden braces for icy winds and slippery roads

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) has issued a class-1 weather warning for more than half the country ahead of Sunday night and Monday morning.

“Cold air is coming in from the west and temperatures could drop to below freezing in many places,” meteorologist Lovisa Andersson said.

The wet and cold bring increased risks of slippery roads, and western Sweden is expected to be first hit by the harsh weather conditions. Overnight, the winds will move east. The class-1 warning also applies to parts of the north.

The Swedish Transport Administration says it is well-prepared to deal with challenging road conditions.

“This is not unusual for the season. We are keeping in touch with those responsible for the roads in the different regions and are doing all we can to combat slippery conditions,” Transport Administration spokesman Peter Behrmann said.

“We are salting the roads, but that is not always enough. You also have to be careful out there and keep calm,” Behrmann added.

A class-1 warning indicates weather conditions that could involve some risks for the public and that could disrupt some infrastructure.