One Swedish newspaper led with a Charlie Hebdo cartoon

5:37 min

Swedish newspapers reacted with shock and horror at the deadly attack against a satirical magazine in Paris on Wednesday, but only one led with a reproduction of a Charlie Hebdo cartoon.

The major newspapers in Sweden all carried the story on their front page and devoted several pages to it. On its cover, the tabloid Expressen ran a cartoon drawn by one of the slain cartoonists, Philippe Honoré, depicting the leader of the jihadist group IS.

Peter Wolodarski, editor in chief of another newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, wrote in solidarity, "We are a newspaper. We are in sorrow today." 

The editor of the Swedish satirical magazine Galago worried that the tragedy may turn into a debate exploited by the extreme right. 

Many of Sweden's leading politicians and publishers have called it an attack on the freedom of expression.

Meanwhile Björn Söder, the party secretary of the xenophobic Sweden Democrats, wrote on his Facebook page that the attack was due to Islam, writing, "'the religion of peace' shows its face".