Suspected gang rape on Finnish cruise ship

Eight Swedish men have been arrested on suspicion of raping a woman onboard a cruise ship, according to several media reports.

The suspected gang rape took place Saturday night on the Viking Line-operated cruise ship Amorella as it travelled between Stockholm, Sweden and Åbo, Finland. The victim is apparently around 45 years old, while the alleged rapists are all in their twenties.

Finnish police arrested six of the men, Swedish Radio News reports. Five of them have been detained in Åbo and another in Mariehamn, Finland. A further two were arrested in Sweden and are currently in detention in the Södermalm district of Stockholm, where Ove Hagdahl is station chief.

"We're handling this for now," Hagdahl told Swedish Radio News on Sunday, "but the case will be transferred to the sex crimes unit tomorrow morning. The men have been detained on suspicion of rape."

The men are suspected of gang raping the woman in a cabin onboard the cruise ship. According to tabloid Aftonbladet, there are witnesses to the incident.

Since all the accused men are domiciled in Sweden, the investigation will be transferred here, according to Hagdahl of the Södermalm police in Stockholm.

Hagdahl added that he does not know how long the investigation will take but said the case is not likely to move forward today. "The International Prosecution Authority will handle this going forward," he said.