Conan O'Brien inspired animated penis in Swedish genitals song

The producer of a music video for the Swedish "genitals song" that became a global online sensation has admitted that US talk show host Conan O'Brien was the inspiration for the dancing penis featured in the video.

In a segment of his show earlier this week, O'Brien poked fun at the Swedish kids' song and exclaimed: "That penis looks a lot like me!"

As it happens, the Swedish designer behind the animated video agrees. In an interview with Swedish Television, he admitted that O'Brien's hair style was the inspiration for the dancing penis' orange quiff.

"Well, his hair is iconic," the designer, Johannes Barte, said of O'Brien, adding that his intention was never to reveal in public that the TV host had inspired him as he sat down to draw the penis.

Asked if he thinks Conan O'Brien looks like a penis, Barte said: "Perhaps I shouldn't go that far, but there is absolutely some resemblance when it comes to the hair."

In his show, O'Brien said that he found the video offensive, but Barte said there is no need to feel insulted. "But if he does feel hurt, he should feel free to call me up for a chat," Barte said, laughing.

The genitals song called Snoppen och Snippan - those are child-friendly Swedish words for penis and vagina - is just a minute long and was made for a show called Bacillakuten, meaning the Germ Emergency. A doctor and a young girl called Mia are the hosts, and the purpose is to teach three- to six-year-olds about the body, health and illnesses.

With lyrics like "here comes the galloping penis" and "the vagina is cool, you better believe it", the song has stirred up debate about how to talk to kids about biology and sex - and whether it's appropriate for public service broadcaster SVT to teach children about these things.

Last month, SVT revealed that it plans to produce an English version of the song.

The Snoppen och Snippan video: