"Ole" hits Sweden with storm-strength winds

The Norwegian storm Ole became Swedish on Saturday, hurling winds at a speed of 31.5 meters per second through Hemavan in southern Lappland at lunch time.

"It's pretty tough weather in the mountains, with strong winds, snow drifts and decreased visibility," said Marcus Sjöstedt, a meteorologist with the Swedish national weather service (SMHI), to news agency TT.

"It's a deep area of low pressure with hard winds over Norway's west coast that has now reached the Swedish mountains. It's going to get even more windy during the afternoon, culminating in the evening. Around midnight, it'll start to wind down as the low pressure area moves towards northern Finland," Sjöstedt said.

While southern and central Sweden have escaped the worst of the winds, a warning has been issued for the island of Gotland, because of very strong winds. Warnings have also been issued for most of the northern half of Sweden, as well as the entire coastline, on account of the winds.