Disgraced former MP secretly behind media site

The newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports that Erik Almqvist, who was expelled from the top leadership of the Sweden Democrat Party and supposedly stripped of all party functions, has been secretly running the anti-immigration party’s online news service.

Almqvist, who had been seen as the expected successor to party leader Jimmie Åkesson, was disgraced in a filmed 2012 incident involving kicking a drunken man, racist and sexist slurs towards passersby, and threats with an iron pipe. At the time the party’s spokesperson on economic policies, he was forced to leave his seat in parliament, and was supposed to only continue as a “media consultant” for the party.

Now Dagens Nyheter says Almqvist has been in fact running the party’s Samtiden media site, from his current residence in Budapest. Jan Sjunnesson, the site’s official head, tells the newspaper “I have pretended to be editor-in-chief, it’s very embarrassing…Everyone in the leadership knows it’s Erik Almqvist who is running Samtiden.”