Copenhagen attacks: "Could have happened in Stockholm"

The deadly attacks in Copenhagen Saturday have clear parallels to those in Paris, according to the head of the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism.

"We see a pattern, just like in Paris", Willy Silberstein says, "it starts with Charlie Hebdo or Lars Vilks, and it ends with Jews", he told Swedish Radio News Sunday.

Silberstein says the feeling is that what happened in Copenhagen could just as easily have happened here in Stockholm.

"I think many Jews are already reflecting about whether they can stay in Sweden, in Europe. It's obvious that these kinds of thoughts are nourished, once again, when something like this happens", he adds.

He calls on the government to look into what security measures should be put in place to protect the Jewish community, but adds that in the long term the attack once again shows the need for education in schools about antisemitism.