Jihadist speaks to SVT

2:07 min

Around 130 Swedes have travelled to Syria and Iraq in order to fight with various terror groups. One of them is "Adam," who says he's prepared to die as a martyr. SVT's investigative program Uppdrag Gränskning has spoken to him.

"Adam," which is not his real name, describes himself as a normal guy, born and raised in Gothenburg. He did well in school and wanted to become a dentist. When he was 16 or 17 he became interested in Islam and two years after that travelled to Syria to fight for the terrorist organization IS.

"Adam" says that what he saw on television that convinced him to go to fight for IS in Syria. He says he saw people's situation and how the rest of the world did not care about it.

"You feel like you can't just do nothing. Especially if you are Musilm and they are Muslims and Allah commands us to protect his religion," "Adam" said in the interview.

"When you are in a battle, you are of course afraid. But you feel a sort of, should I call it a sense of security that you know what you're doing is right. You feel it in your heart," "Adam" told Uppdrag gränskning.

"Adam" went to Syria to fight together with friends, and lost several of them in the fighting. But he doesn't use the word 'lost.'

"I see them more as shahada and martyrs," he says, "it is something we're all striving for and that is also one of the reasons people travel there."

"Adam" says instead of offering condolences when a friend dies, they just say congratulations.

"It is the greatest kind of tribute. And the best kind of tribute too."

"Adam" was asked what he thinks will happen if he dies in battle:

"Then, hopefully, you'll end up in paradise, if you have the right beliefs."