Missan, the world's oldest cat?

The world’s oldest cat may be living in a stable outside Karlskoga. Missan would celebrate her 30th birthday this spring.

According to her owner Åsa Wickberg, Missan has lived in the stable for the past 16 years. “She doesn’t visit us in the house. She’s a lone wolf and has always been a little shy and careful,” she says. But Missan likes dogs.

“She accepts them quickly,” says Åsa Wickberg. The reason, she says, is that when Missan came to them as an abandoned kitten in 1985, the family’s dog took care of the newcomer.

The TT news agency says no one has been able to trace a cat older than Missan. According to the Guinness World Book of Records the cat Creme Puff was 38 when she died in 2005.