Court: man must get tested for chlamydia

In the southern Swedish city Kalmar, a man is being forced to take a chlamydia test because he is believed to have infected several women with the disease and has so far refused to get himself tested.

This is why the Administrative Court in Kalmar has taken the unusual decision to force the man to take the chlamydia test.

The man will now get an injunction to get himself tested. If he does not take the test voluntarily this time either, it will then be done under constraint, Per Hansson, from the Administrative Court in Kalmar, told Swedish Radio News.

The sexually transmitted disease chlamydia is subject to the Communicable Diseases Act and is caused by a common bacteria. The disease is spread most often through sexual intercourse and can lead to sterility, especially in women.

If the chlamydia infection is treated early, the risk for complications and sterility is minimized.