Innovation Council to discuss state venture capital

On Tuesday, the National Innovation Council is getting off the ground, as its members assemble for their first meeting, at the Prime Minister's country residence in Harpsund.

On Tuesday's agenda is the state's venture capital. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who is chairing the council, believes that the state's venture capital is divided up by too many different actors and needs to be invested earlier, when companies develop new products.

Löfven first proposed the idea of the council when he became the leader of the Social Democrats in 2012, and the general idea behind it is for the government to be able to bandy ideas concerning, for example, infrastructure, education and research. Löfven hopes that the council will lead to more developed products, and to more new and growing companies.

The council includes five government ministers and 10 representatives from the academic world, trade-unions and the business world, including the CEO of the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson.