Finns in Sweden celebrate their day

Today is a day celebrated by Finns living in Sweden, as their day - the day of the Sweden Finns. It is a way to highlight the existence of the Finnish-speaking minority in Sweden.

Have you got Finnish rye bread in your freezer? Spending time in the sauna at least once a week? Chances are you are one of the approximately 712.000 people in Sweden with Finnish origins, making up 7 percent of the population.

Sweden and Finland are neighbours, and over the years, have had lots of cultural and political exchange. They were even the same country for hundreds of years until 1809 - but in a way the nations are very different from each other.

To find out more about the identity of the Sweden Finns, Radio Sweden spoke to Irma-Liisa Pyökkimies from Sisu Radio, Swedish Radio's Finnish department, which has put together a funny quiz that will help people decide exactly how much of a Sweden Finn they are.

To take the test (in Swedish or Finnish) click on the links below.