New Swedish kids’ video explains how babies are made

After a Swedish genitals song became a global internet sensation, now the producers of the kids’ show behind it have created an animated video explaining human reproduction.

“All you need is for an egg and a sperm to meet,” a voiceover explains. “And they can meet with the help of a test tube or a jab. Or an adult willy and an adult twinkle can get together and make babies inside the body.”

The 1.43-minute long video also features a nude, animated couple and an animated “sperm race”, accompanied by a sports-commentator style voiceover and interspersed with black-and-white archive footage of swimmers and race horses.

“When sperm meets egg, you get a baby – the best prize anyone can receive,” the video explains.

Just like the genitals song - where the video featured dancing cartoon genitals - the reproduction video, titled That’s How Babies Are Made, will be shown on Swedish Television’s Bacillakuten, meaning the Germ Emergency. The show teaches three- to six-year-olds about the body, health and illnesses.

The new video will air on Sunday, but Swedish Television posted it on Facebook on Tuesday and it received mostly positive comments.

“Finally! We’ve been waiting for this!” one person wrote. Another enthusiast chimed in: “As a preschool teacher, mother and woman I’d say this could not be described in a simpler or nicer way.”