Government to investigate laws for "fixed-term contracts"

Facing criticism from the European Union, the Swedish government has decided to look into the use of "fixed-term contracts" for workers who often have unstable financial situations and limited benefits as a result.

Swedish Radio reports that the EU is critical that Swedish employers are overusing the short-term "general temp" contracts, an employment form which was created in 2007. The Ministry of Employment has now decided to investigate the laws which allow for that specific type of contract.

A worker who spoke with Swedish Radio said that he had been a "general temp" for nearly eight years and described working up to four jobs at the same time just to make ends meet.

"I have practically no rights," the man told Swedish Radio.

Labor unions for hotel and restaurant workers reported that nearly half of their members had "fixed-term contracts." The European Union requires member states to prevent the misuse of repeated part-time employment contracts.