Växjö says final no to handbag statue

The Culture, Leisure and Recreation Committee in Växjö said no on Wednesday afternoon to erecting a statue of a woman hitting a neo-Nazi on the head with her handbag.

The chair of the committee, Eva Johansson of the Center Party, told news agency TT that the decision was made partly out of respect for a family member of the woman, who is dead. The family member had been in touch with the committee to oppose the statue, according to Johansson.

The statue, proposed by artist Susanna Arwin, would have been made based on a photograph taken by Hans Runesson on 13 April 1985, during a neo-Nazi march in the town.

Earlier, the committee had said they would not approve the statue because it signaled violence, and this prompted a protest in Sweden, in which people slung purses over statues.