Problem school in Malmö to reopen on Tuesday

Värner Rydén school in Malmö was closed on Monday on the grounds of threats and violence by pupils at the school. However, after a crisis meeting between management and staff, it was decided that the school will re-open on Tuesday.

On Monday afternoon, Roine Selind, head of the Malmö branch of the teaching union, Lärarförbundet, told news agency TT that the troubled school will reopen.

"The pupils are welcome tomorrow. We have discussed the situation during the day with the employer and on what measures are needed. There are both urgent things to be done in the morning and longer-term measures," says Selind.

Liberal Party leader Jan Björklund reacted strongly to the closure of the whole school - it becomes a punishment even for those students who behave, he believes.

"Those that cause the bother should be stopped, not everyone else. These ten-fifteen pupils that everything is about may need to be separated in a particular teaching group in a separate room," he said.
The Liberal Party leader and former education minister says that the solution is more adult authority. He says that the call by the two teaching unions for more teaching staff in the school is not quite right, when there is already a high staffing level in the school.

His comments have been met with opposition from Lärarförbundet's chairperson Johanna Jaara Åstrand, who argues that it is not "time for cheap political points."
"The situation at this school has gone far beyond the usual discipline problems. An exceptional situation also requires extraordinary solutions. The important thing now is to ensure the safety of teachers and students, and it is to no-one's benefit to have political interventions," Jaara Åstrand says in a comment to TT.