Nyköping: Suspected car has been secured

Police have re-opened the area previously cordoned off in the Fågelbo area of Nyköping, after securing a car that is suspected to have links to the explosion in a flat on Monday, when two people died.

Earlier on Wednesday, police announced they had identified the two men who died in the explosion in the Brandkärr area on Monday. The families of the two men have been informed, but police will not reveal any more details about them until Thursday.

Another car, suspected to be connected to the explosion, was found in Brandkärr late on Tuesday, but no explosives have been found in it. 

On Tuesday night, a 30 year old man was taken into custody, suspected of serving as an accomplice in the preparations to commit devastation endangering the public. Christer Sjöqvist with the police in Södermanland told Expressen that the man is suspected on good grounds. He has previously lived in Brandkärr, but now lives outside Stockholm. He has been convicted of several violent crimes in the past, but police do not want to say if he has any connections to organised crime. The man himself denies any connection to the explosion.

During Wednesday, the police have been knocking on doors in the area, to see if there are any witnesses, but also to answer questions from concerned neighbours. A total of 20-25 police officers have been working on the case on Wednesday, Christer Sjöqvist told Swedish Radio.