Bomb threat connected to deadly explosion

The premises of the newspaper, Södermanland's Nyheter, in central Nyköping, was evacuated on Saturday evening after a bomb threat was received via email at 8.30pm.

SN writes that an anonymous email was sent and contained requirements for how the newspaper should report on last Monday's apartment explosion in the town, where two men died. The men are said to have been linked to gang crime. Unless the requirements were met, a bomb attack would be carried out against the newspaper office.

It took several hours for a bomb disposal team with sniffer dogs to search the premises before the all-clear was given at 4.45am, reports news agency TT.

Swedish Radio's P4 Sörmland reports that three journalists were working in the editorial office when the email was received and they were evacuated to a temporary office in another location. 

"The police estimate that there is no direct threat against the newspaper at present, but investigations are continuing. We have continuous contact with the police to update us on the situation," says Anna Falk, managing editor of SN.

The county's police force is now investigating the "unlawful threat".