Russia accuses Sweden of starting Ukraine war

The Russian embassy in Sweden has said, on its official Facebook page, that Sweden bears a great responsibility for fomenting conflict in Ukraine.

The post is a response to an op-ed by Sweden's minister for foreign affairs, Margot Wallström, in which she urged European Union to unite against the "Russian threat".

In response, the embassy wrote that Wallström's op-ed was one-sided and did not mention what caused the events in Ukraine, "namely the West's desire - and not least Sweden as the initiator of the EU's Eastern Partnership - to, in every way possible, get Kiev into the European Union". The main method for achieving this, the embassy claimed, was through a "violent military coup".

The Russian embassy's accusations come ahead of Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven's official trip to Ukraine, where he will meet with political leaders on Tuesday.

In February 2014, an uprising in Kiev led to the overthrow of then Ukranian president Viktor Yanukovich. He was later impeached by 328 of the parliament's 450 deputies. Russia went on to annex Ukraine's Crimea, and many Russian soldiers and military vehicles are reported to have passed into eastern Ukraine to support what Ukraine calls "terrorists" and Russia calls "separatists".