Prime Minister to fly to Gothenburg after EU summit

7:06 min

After Wednesday's fatal shooting in Gothenburg, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has decided to go to Sweden's second city, direct from the EU summit in Brussels. Meanwhile, police continue to hunt for suspects.

SVT News spoke to Sweden's prime minister on the way to the summit in Brussels. 

"Even though I'm at the summit, my thoughts are in Gothenburg. I am saddened about the loss of life. Many ask themselves what developments we are seeing in society. Therefore, I will go to Gothenburg tomorrow when the summit is over."

It was late on Wednesday night when the shooting incident took place. At least two gunmen rushed into a restaurant in Hisingen in Gothenburg, and started shooting with automatic weapons. Two men in their 20s were killed and several people were injured.

During a press conference on Thursday, the regional police chief Klas Friberg said that the murderous act was carried out "without any feelings for fellow human beings".

As of Thursday evening, no one has been arrested and there are currently no suspects, but police are working to the theory that the shootings are linked to ongoing gang conflicts in Gothenburg.

There are indications that the perpetrators left the scene in a car, but police have no trace of the vehicle.

SVT News reported that many gathered around the square where the shooting took place to lay flowers. One of those who stopped is Mohammed. He was lucky yesterday, leaving the restaurant just over half an hour before the shooting began.

A moment earlier he had been sitting at the bar and talked to some friends while he waited for his food.

"It could have been me. I was lucky. I grew up with these guys," he says to SVT News.

Gothenburg has been hard hit by gun violence with around 50 shootings last year. In a comment to news agency TT, Home Affairs Minister Anders Ygeman says: "These problems can also be found in Malmö and Stockholm as well. It is a problem in society. We have had ten to fifteen years of increasing gaps in society, increased unemployment and falling school results. It's obvious that they lead to increased criminality and insecurity."