Suicide bomb backer imprisoned despite sentence end

The man convicted of funding the Stockholm suicide bomber has launched a bid for freedom, as he awaits a decision on his deportation, The Herald reports

Nasserdine Menni has served his sentence, in a Scottish prison, but is still held, awaiting deportation to Algeria.

He came to the UK as an asylum seeker, fleeing Algeria, where Amnesty International have reported human rights abuses.

Scottish paper The Herald reports that Menni has begun a case to stop his deportation. He also wants to be freed while the Home Office decides whether to send him to Algeria.

Nasserdine Menni has served three years for supporting suicide bomber Taimour Abdulwahab with almost £6,000.

In December 2010 Abdulwahab blew himself up just off a busy shopping street in the Swedish capital, killing no one but himself.

The Herald reports Nasserdine Menni may be caught in a legal limbo, since he cannot be deported to Algeria, because of fears of torture; but he cannot be released over fears he could be a security risk.