Liberals: help Roma in Romania instead of in Sweden

The Liberal Party says government efforts to help Roma beggars in Sweden can be counter-productive and attract more such poor EU-migrants.

The Liberal party’s parliamentary group leader Erik Ullenhag and its spokesperson on European affairs wrote in Sunday’s Svenska Dagbladet that the root causes of Roma poverty should be addressed instead.

They write that many people in Sweden are understandably worried by once again seeing so many truly poor people on the Swedish streets. They say the previous government, which they were a part of, failed to present a coherent policy to deal with the situation.

Rather than spend SEK 90 million of EU money to help Roma in Sweden, the liberals want to send help and Swedish advisors directly to the villages in Romania, as well as create a European strategy to deal with anti-Roma racism.

But the Swedish minister responsible for this issue, Åsa Regné, says to news agency TT she does not understand the criticism, since the government is already working with Romania sending experts there. Moreover she says Romania should not get Swedish aid, but use the EU money it has already received.