Updating and developing the Muslim fashion

5:23 min

Mipsterz - or Muslim hipsters - are all the rage as "hijab chic" takes over the fashion runways. Radio Sweden talked to designer Iman Aldebe about how she wants to update the Muslim fashion.

On Wednesday, Stockholm's Center for Architecture and Design will host an event about the global Muslim Cool movement. Iman Aldebe will be there to present some of her work.

When she first started out as a designer, there was not much "Muslim chic" around.

"In the beginning there wasn't anything that was called Muslim fashion, it was like: boring clothes, no structure in the clothing, it was really dark colours designed by men and not so many Muslim women designers were designing Muslim clothes," she told Radio Sweden.

Iman Aldebe studied design at high-school and began making clothes for her friends, for graduations and weddings. And she took a special interest in the hijab.

"I started to change the style of the hijab, and many people who started to wear my design got a job. It was really hard to get a job with a hijab back then. It is hard today too, but it was even harder in the early 2000," she said.

Eventually Iman Aldebe was commissioned to design the hijab that is part of the official Swedish police uniform.

"I wanted the Muslim women to wear clothes that doesn't define them as Muslims. Because it was so much negative response to Muslims after 9/11, so I wanted to hide that, but at the same time I wanted them to feel like 'ok we are covered, we are doing what we are supposed to do' and at the same time be modest and fashionable."