Immigrants buy false addresses

1:23 min

Immigrants are paying big sums simply to get registered at an address, because of rules saying benefits are only paid to people with homes. 

The Migration Agency only pays out the subsidy called "etableringsersättning" to people who are registered at an address, since reforms a year ago.

People also need an address to be signed up to the employment agency's job seeking programme.

Swedish Radio News spoke to "June", who wanted to leave her asylum housing and find her own place. She says a friend told her of a person who she could buy an address off - although she would have to find her own place to stay.

June (not her real name) paid SEK 2,500 a month for an address that was hers only on paper.

There are so few homes available in Sweden that people like June are willing to pay large amounts just to pretend they have a home.

According to Gregory Golding, head of the employment agency in Jönköping, "You could say the rules have created a market for selling addresses." 

On paper, 13 people are living at the address where June paid to register.

And a sample by Swedish Radio News of ten local municipalities shows that all of them have addresses where large numbers supposedly live.