First Nollywood film produced by Swedish director

2:20 min

The first Nollywood film made by a Swedish director premiered in Sweden this month, the comedy "Head Gone", by Dare Fasasi. 

Last year, Nigeria beat out South Africa as Africa's biggest economy, and one of the reasons is said to be because of Nigeria's booming film industry Nollywood. According to a UNESCO report in 2009, Nollywood surpassed Hollywood in the number of films it produces each year. Nollywood produces everything from sci-fi films to romantic dramas, often low-budget movies made with short production schedules.

"Head Gone", a comedy by Sweden's first Nollywood director, Dare Fasasi, involves a group of mental patients and a gang of unsuspecting commuters, and the film questions what insanity is, exactly.

Fasasi believes Nollywood films have grown in order to fill a cultural gap, telling Swedish Radio Culture News that "Africans are no longer satisfied with consuming foreign content... which has no relationship to their present situation."