Suspended UN whistle-blower allowed to return to work

An internal UN court, the United Nations Dispute Tribunal has announced that the UN immediately must cease the suspension of the Swedish UN-worker and whistle-blower Anders Kompass.

Kompass was placed on "administrative leave" last month after he leaked a report on child abuse by French peace keepers in the Central African Republic to the French authorities. The decision was made with reference to breech of UN-protocol as the report was deemed as confidential.

The UN was however criticised for trying to cover-up the suspected sexual abuse. The newspaper The Guardian quoted a "source close to the case" as saying Kompass did what he did because of the UN's failure to take action to stop the abuse.

In an 18-page ruling on Wednesday, the dispute tribunal concluded that there are "serious and reasonable doubts" about the legality of the decision to suspend the Swede. The suspension was ordered on the 17th of April. Anders Kompass will now be able to go back to work, pending the outcome of the UN investigation into the case.