House on market for less than price of one square metre in Stockholm

In Stockholm SEK 30,000 does not even buy you one square metre of property, but outside Eksjö in southern Sweden the same amount could buy you a house, Swedish Television reports.

In Ingatorp, Eksjö, Sweden's cheapest house, as it's being marketed, is on the market for SEK 750 per square metre. That's more than a hundred times cheaper than the average square metre price in innercity Stockholm.

Built around 1850, the four hundred square metre property is in dire need of renovation. In its hey-day it housed a hat store and a butchers, among other things.

The current owner, who recently inherited the property, is keen to see the building find some new inhabitants. But as the estate agent warns, the buyer must be prepared to put in some work to restore it to its former glory.