Åkesson to run for party leader this fall

Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson hopes to be re-elected as the party's leader this fall. Åkesson delivered the news in a speech on Saturday, which was his first public speech in over five months.

Åkesson took time off for being burnt-out at the end of last year, but returned as party leader two months ago. He now leads the party together with Mattias Karlsson who served as acting leader of the party while Åkesson was away.

Åkesson commented his time off by saying that he was happy to be back, but that he did not miss sitting in endless meetings, being on the road all the time and answering the same questions over and over again.

During his spring speech in Långholmen in Stockholm, Jimmie Åkesson also took time to congratulate the British right-wing party Ukip for their success in the UK general election. He said that their result was "a success for conservative values all over Europe" and added that hopes that Prime Minister David Cameron will follow through on his promise on a British referendum on EU membership.

"Someone needs to put their foot down against the supranational union that is the EU," Åkesson said.

Åkesson also welcomed the Moderates latest proposal to offer temporary residence permits to asylum seekers that was introduced Friday, but added that it's still not enough.

"This is the change that we've been waiting for. The other parties are finally listening to what we have been saying all along," Åkesson said.