Swedish teen girl tried to join IS in Syria

A 15-year-old girl embarked on a trip to Syria earlier this spring, intending to join terrorist organisation IS, but she was apprehended in Turkey and is now back in her hometown of Örebro in central Sweden.

When the girl's parents found out that she had run away from home to join IS in Syria, they contacted the police and that led to the Turkish authorities intervening.

Three other Örebro residents have also attempted to travel to Syria to join IS, and have been deported by Turkish authorities twice. While the teen girl is back in Örebro, the other three individuals may have entered Syria via Jordan, according to unconfirmed information attained by Swedish Radio's P4 Örebro station. They are a woman in her twenties who is married to an Örebro resident fighting for IS in Syria plus two men - one of whom has several brothers who have already been to Syria. One of the brothers was killed in Syria and another was convicted on Monday in Örebro for physically assaulting his sister.

“In some cases in Europe and even in Sweden we’ve seen that people live in a quite strict honour-context, where freedom is somewhat limited. One is allowed to go to school and to work out, but not much else. In such cases, it is appealing to gain the status and honour that married women have in Syria,” Fredrik Malm of the Örebro police tells Swedish Radio.

Fedrik Malm claims that many indicators point to the fact that the 15-year-old girl from Örebro had received assistance before travelling.

"Money is involved of course. Someone is providing it or at least helps them get to the airport. But we have no clear idea of who is behind the financial backing,” says Malm.