FIFA bans TV4 from using gender neutral name of football World Cup

TV4 is broadcasting the world championships in football this summer, but is not allowed to call it the Football World Cup. In international football federation FIFA demands that the TV-channel calls it the "FIFA Women's World Cup 2015". 

The channel has previously had the policy not to make a difference between the women's and the men's world cup or European Championships, but will now have to back down.

The TV4 host Patrick Ekwall commented on twitter: "FIFA has now decided that that TV4 has to say FIFAwomen's world cup'. Just 'football World Cup' is not allowed. If it is true? Yes it is. For real."

"I presented our arguments, but at the end of the day, it is not our decision," Anders Odén, TV4 executive producer for football, told Swedish television news.

According to FIFA, the women's and the men's world cups are two different brands and need to be separated. The decision on what TV4 shall call the summer's tournament was made on Tuesday, and was preceded by internal discussions.

Anders Odén says he regrets that the TV channel's gender policy, which does not differentiate between men and women, cannot be followed in this case. FIFA can only demand adherence to their policies from TV channels that have bought the rights to broadcast the tournament, and only in billboards and trailers. "if we say it during broadcast we will not be sued," said Anders Odén.

FIFA is marketing this year's football world cup in Canada as "FIFA Women's World Cup 2015", but during last year's tournament for the men's teams in Brazil, no gender specification was necessary, according to FIFA. Then it was simply called "2014 FIFA World Cup".