Snowploughing in northern Sweden a week before Midsummer

The sun is shining in southern Sweden and it is Midsummer next week, but in Klimpfjäll in Jämtland, you still need a snowplough!!

The snowplough was called out on Thursday morning following calls from several drivers who were stuck in snow.

"Several cars were stuck and they were very grateful that I came and helped them escape. They had been stuck for a while," said snowplough driver Jimmy Johansson to P4 Jämtland.

The road in Klimpfjäll had only been free from snow for a couple of weeks. Jimmy Johansson said that he had not counted on being called out again a week Before Midsummer.

Jimmy's brother, Andreas Johansson, filmed the snow clearance and sent the video to P4 Jämtland.

You can see the video at