Rosengård shooting linked to ongoing trial

Shootings in the Malmö neighborhood of Rosengård that led to more than two dozen arrests earlier this week, have been linked to an ongoing trial, reports news agency TT.

Late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, a building was shot at on Ramels väg in Rosengård, and police arrested 27 people.

All but one person, an 18-year-old man who was remanded in custody on Friday suspected on probable cause of attempted murder and obstructing justice, have now been released.

The authorities have also revised their conception of what happened at Ramels väg, and don't believe any longer that there was any cross-fire. 

Fredrik Petersson, the prosecutor, told news agency TT that it started with the shooting of an apartment in the area, which is being viewed as a single incident. That, in turn, led to many people gathering in the area and more shooting, according to him, but not to a shootout where gunfire was exchanged.

The obstruction of justice suspicion has to do with a trial that's going on over the attack against a real estate company, Victoria Park, in Malmö, in December. According to the newspaper Sydsvenskan, during the investigation, the identity of one of the police's sources got leaked.

Fredrik Petersson, the prosecutor, told news agency TT: "There is a connection to the ongoing trial regarding the explosions at Victoria Park."