Saudi embassy wanted to hire Swedish PR agency

Saudi Arabia's Embassy in Stockholm wanted to hire a Swedish PR agency to better the relations between Sweden and Saudi Arabia according to newly leaked documents, tabloid Expressen reports.

The previously classified documents were published by the organisation Wikileaks on Friday, and contained a two-year-old letter from the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Stockholm to the Foreign Ministry in Riyadh saying that the embassy wanted to hire a Swedish PR agency to improve the strained relationship between the two countries. The embassy wanted the agency to 'win over the people and gain political support and support from the media'.

So far, Wikileaks have published 60,000 documents concerning Saudi Arabia and its Foreign Ministry, but the organisation writes on its website that it will release over half a million documents over the upcoming weeks.

Late Friday night, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Ministry urged people on Twitter not to visit the site or download leaked documents stating that they could be fake and harmful to the national security.