Swedish Ship to Gaza boarded by Israeli military

The Israeli military boarded a Swedish-Norwegian vessel on its way to Gaza Sunday night.

The fishing boat, "Marianne of Göteborg," was warned to turn back and was boarded without incident, according to information from the military. Swedish Radio News reports that the organization "Ship to Gaza" claims the boat was in international waters when it was boarded.

The boat was carrying medical supplies and solar panels and was intended to break Israel's blockade of Gaza. A similar trip five years ago resulted in the deaths of ten people at the hands of the Israeli military, when they boarded a Turkish vessel.

According to Said Mahmoud, professor in international law at Stockholm University, told Swedish Radio News that the Israeli boarding was illegal.

"In my view, they are not allowed to do this, the boat was in international waters and while there is under the jurisdiction of the flag state. No other country can interfere with the ship's activities unless there is a suspicion of drug trafficking, slavery or piracy," Mahmoud said.