Marijuana farm indictments in Gothenburg

The first indictments in a major marijuana farming ring with international connections are now coming in Gothenburg, Swedish Radio News reports. 

So far, 15 people have been detained in connection with what the police say could have been hundreds of kilograms of cannabis intended for the Swedish market.

The indoor marijuana cultivation was discovered in six places in southern Sweden and one in Denmark. The indictments cover a period of several months in late 2014, but prosecutor Håkan Larsson says the marijuana farming may have existed much longer.

Those included in the first indictments were found in the houses where the marijuana was being grown. More indictments are expected to follow, covering those thought to be the brains being the operation, which is thought to have international links.

“We know there has been cultivation in other parts of Europe, Poland, Germany, Britain, and France,” says prosecutor Larsson, adding that there is a particular connection between the Swedish cultivation and France.

Cannabis cultivation is increasing in Sweden. According to the National Forensic Center, cases of domestic cultivation have grown by 20 percent in the past year.