Debunking populist myths

4:48 min

Wednesday is the Sweden Democrats' day in Almedalen, and much attention will undoubtedly be given to the immigration/integration debate. Much criticism has been directed towards Swedish media being too lenient on the party, especially public service TV and Radio. One such critic is Professor in History of Ideas at Gothenburg University, Sven-Eric Liedman, who wrote an opinion piece today in newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Among other things, Liedman writes in the opinion piece for DN that immigrant-critical is a “grotesque” way to describe the Sweden Democrats, and that in a society with such rapid change, rumours are spread that are simply not true.

In the DN piece, he also takes issue with the term "organised begging", claiming that it is too similar to the term "organised crime" - painting a picture of beggars as criminals, threatening to Swedish society, when this couldn't be further from the truth. 

“I am not an economist myself, but i have read several investigations by economists saying exactly that immigration benefits Swedish economy. These investigations seem much more reliable than the Sweden Democrats' rather naive calculus. Besides, I would like to add that the Swedish culture has become richer by all those people coming from different parts of the globe bringing with them their customs, their songs, their traditions, and so on,” he told Radio Sweden.