Carl Schlyter on politics, the EU, and cowards

11 min

Chairman of the Committee on European Affairs, Carl Schlyter of the Green Party, tells Radio Sweden about his life as a politician, and why he chose to become one in the first place. Talking to us from Almedalen, he claims one of the biggest revelations in his life came to him during his time as a student in Brazil.

“I was actually more of a techno-optimist, I studied chemical engineering, specializing in biotechnology and I did my final thesis at a land-fill in Brazil, extracting methane-gas from waste using simple low-tech solutions. But when I came there the land-fill was full of extremely poor people that just wanted to survive another day and I realized that unless we fight poverty globally and nationally then we’re never going to really solve environmental problems, we’re going to move them in space and time to somewhere else,” he tells Radio Sweden.

One his more impressive achievements is having fought the European Parliament in court and won - setting a new standard for transparancy and oppenness in the EU.